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Make Pool Care Part of Your Spring Cleaning

As the weather starts to warm up, everyone’s thoughts naturally turn to the ideas of summer fun. Better weather of course means more outdoor activities, so you have the chance to really enjoy the things you love so much. Taking a dip in the pool is one thing many people look forward to once things […]

How to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

There are few things quite as enjoyable as taking a dip in your own private pool on a hot summer day. While summer is still a few months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about preparing your pool for the season with proper pool care in Madera, CA. To make sure your pool […]

Does Rainwater Affect My Swimming Pool?

There are a number of ways in which rainwater can affect your swimming pool. The acidity of rain (even if it’s not particularly high) could throw off the pH balance in your pool. It will also result in extra water in the pool that could throw off its chemistry. Generally speaking, you only need to […]

The Importance of Pool Debris Removal in Winter

A clean pool that’s in good condition is an enjoyable pool, which is why you need to keep it clean all year long, even during the winter months when you’re not using it. Keeping your pool clean throughout the year makes it a safer place for you and your family to play come summertime. Regular […]

Six Important Pool Tile Cleaning Tips

From modern mosaics to Spanish-style ceramics, there’s a style of pool tile for everyone. Tile can add a textured look or a splash of color to any backyard swimming pool, but pool tile does more than just look great. When installed properly, tile can also protect your swimming pool’s waterline from staining and accumulating mineral […]