New Construction

Dream of having the perfect pool in your backyard? Dream no longer! Pools by Ricketts can create it for you. We have more than four decades of experience designing custom pools and water features in Madera, CA, then building them to perfection on properties throughout the area. Our new construction capabilities include:

  • Custom pools
  • Custom spas
  • In-pool furnishings
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pool-safe furniture
  • Umbrellas

Design and Planning

We see a custom pool as your very own backyard paradise. It’s important your pool reflects your needs, so we take the time to customize every pool installation in Madera, CA, to provide you with years of entertainment and enjoyment.

After a design is chosen, we check all the measurements. This includes getting a copy of your house’s plans to locate all plumbing, electrical, backyard access, and other important elements. Then, we make any small adjustments to ensure your pool fits perfectly on your property and is in agreement with all property and security codes.


When the time comes to physically create your custom pool design, we take things step-by-step. Not only does this allow us to make adjustments and adapt, it helps us keep you abreast of the entire process, so you always know what’s going on.

  • Layout and excavation

    After carefully plotting the pool’s contour, we dig out the area necessary for the size of your pool and shape the ground according to design specifications.

  • Forming and plumbing

    Next, we begin forming the walls around your pool with steel grid construction and lay the PVC pipe that will be the pool’s circulatory system. This also includes installing equipment such as the pump, filter, lights and electronics.

  • Pouring

    Once the pool is formed, we apply gunite walls around the steel grid walls. This provides the hard surfaces necessary for interior pool design. After applied, the gunite must cure to provide the strongest structural form possible.

  • Tile and Decking

    The decking and tile for your pool go hand-in-hand, and we carefully install them together. We also install the tile band and any water features for your project at this time.

  • Plaster and final touches

    The last phase of construction is the pool’s finish. We apply the plaster or pebble finish to the cured gunite shell. The water is then added, along with the final touches like landscaping, fencing and pool furniture in Madera, CA.

Startup and Walkthrough

The final two steps of any project are startup and walkthrough. During startup, we get the equipment running and check for any issues with the function of the pool. The diving board goes on, pool sweep goes in, circuit breakers get installed, everything is cleaned up and start-up chemicals go in. Then, we do the walkthrough. During the walkthrough, we meet with you a go over how everything works and what you need to know to maintain your new pool.

A Turnkey Pool-Building Experience

From start to finish, Pools by Ricketts is with you every step of the way for new pool design and installation. We offer several finance options here. Contact us today at 559-673-2249 to begin discussing pool construction. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate.