How to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

There are few things quite as enjoyable as taking a dip in your own private pool on a hot summer day. While summer is still a few months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about preparing your pool for the season with proper pool care in Madera, CA. To make sure your pool is ready for the summer, put some time into pool preparation and maintenance in the coming weeks.

Pool maintenance tips

Preparing your pool for summer doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With some simple care and maintenance steps, your pool will be ready for you, your family members and your guests, no matter what your summer plans might entail. Here are a few simple tips for pool care in Madera, CA that you can follow to get ready for the summer:

  • Clear away clutter and debris: The first step in preparing your pool for the summer is clearing away any clutter and debris. Sweep leaves and branches away from your pool deck, and clean up any clutter that has accumulated around your pool. Remove your pool cover carefully to avoid dropping any debris into the water. Use a skimmer to remove as much debris as possible from your pool.
  • Clean your filtration system: Cleaning your filtration system is very important when it comes to balancing the water in your pool. Clean out debris and obstructions from your filtration system, and clean filters to promote water flow and optimize the performance of your pool.
  • Test your water: Use testing strips to check the chemical balance of your water and make sure the chemical levels are within the recommendations for your pool. Testing your water gives you the information you need to treat your water and balance your pool’s chemicals makeup. Make sure to check your pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine.
  • Treat your water: After testing your water, use chemicals to treat the water and restore the balance of your pool. Research different chemical products for your pool water and find the options that work for you. After treating your water, wait for at least six hours and the test your water again to ensure the chemicals are in balance.
  • Handle repairs: One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance in Madera, CA is handling proactive repairs. It’s important to take care of repairs as soon as possible to reduce complications and avoid more extensive damage to your pool. Work with a pool contractor to take care of repairs and keep your pool in the best working condition possible.

Get professional pool maintenance in Madera, CA

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