Make Pool Care Part of Your Spring Cleaning

As the weather starts to warm up, everyone’s thoughts naturally turn to the ideas of summer fun. Better weather of course means more outdoor activities, so you have the chance to really enjoy the things you love so much.

Taking a dip in the pool is one thing many people look forward to once things get warm again. With that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to take care of your pool in the springtime, when you know the season for active use is just around the corner. Pool maintenance in Madera, CA does not have to be a huge inconvenience, and the team at Pools by Ricketts has some ideas to help you get ready for your pool’s peak season.

Work on the cover first

The pool cover is the first thing you’ll have to address when getting your pool ready for the summer. A cover is a useful tool in helping with pool maintenance in Madera, CA, so you want to make sure you take care of it.

You’re going to first need to drain and clean off the cover – potentially by using a drain pump to automatically syphon off any lingering water. Next, peel back that pool cover, and don’t be hard on yourself if some debris topples into the water—it’s all going to need to be cleaned out anyway.

The next step is a great way to set yourself up nicely for later in the year—take the time to dry and clean the pool cover, and then preserve the dryness with something like talcum powder, which will make for a much more pleasant and mold-free reapplication of the cover come fall!

Get your equipment squared away

Next, you’ll want to reconnect all of the pool equipment you set aside during the colder months. This includes items like your heater, pump, filter and other items—all crucial to practicing good pool maintenance in Madera, CA. The other part of getting your equipment ready to go is that you need to take out all winterizing plugs, if you used them, as you prepare to get everything in good working order. Our experienced team can also perform this type of springtime maintenance work for you if you’d prefer.

Test the chemistry

It’s a fact of life that pool maintenance in Madera, CA involves the use of chemicals to keep everything pumping properly and to keep your family and loved ones safe. You should make sure you’re adding chlorine to kill any germs while also adding the appropriate measures to take out any metals that could be detrimental to your pool.

Pool maintenance in the springtime is a great project to have on your plate—it means that warmer days are just around the corner, and with them, the incredible gatherings and parties that your pool can help promote. Call your neighborhood partners at Pools by Ricketts and we can help you make sure everything is running properly so you’re ready for a summer of fun in the sun!

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