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Why Is Winter Pool Care So Important?

Even though you likely won’t get much use out of your pool over the next few months, you can’t just let it sit there all winter long! Every pool requires some very basic winter pool maintenance in Madera, CA. Keep reading to learn about why winter maintenance is so important, and what we can do […]

Is Winter a Good Time for Pool Upgrades in Madera, CA?

We often say winter is the best time of year for people to take on pool remodeling jobs. Even in warmer states like California, winter is still generally going to be the “off season,” especially in the northern part of the state, so this makes it the best time for you to get a head […]

Why Is Pool Water Chemistry in Madera, CA So Important?

It would sure be a lot more convenient if you could just fill up your pool with water and never have to worry about any ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, as a pool owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the water maintains the proper chemistry and chemical balance to prevent the growth of algae or […]