The Importance of Pool Debris Removal in Winter

A clean pool that’s in good condition is an enjoyable pool, which is why you need to keep it clean all year long, even during the winter months when you’re not using it. Keeping your pool clean throughout the year makes it a safer place for you and your family to play come summertime. Regular cleaning and maintenance also protects your pool from costly damage. In the long run, cleaning your swimming pool regularly can also increase its lifespan, improve the value of your home and help your pool to function better.

A clean pool is a pretty pool—especially when you pamper it with professional service on a regular basis. Below is an overview of the importance of wintertime pool debris removal in Madera, CA:

  • Prevent pool damage: Winter weather can be especially harsh on poorly-maintained swimming pools. Pipes can freeze in in-ground pools, and above-ground pools can tear. If debris like sticks and dirt is left to float around in the water, it can get trapped in your pool, causing damage or jamming up drains and pipes. Regular pool cleaning lets you find trapped debris and check for damage before a problem is able to get worse.
  • Avoid clogged drains: Clogged drains are a big concern for swimming pool owners. Clogs can burn out the motor, which is not a cheap part to repair or replace. With this in mind, checking your drains for clogs on a regular basis can prevent unnecessary repairs.
  • Stave off algae growth: If you notice a green tinge in your pool water or on various components, the likely culprit is algae. Yes, algae can form in swimming pools, and the dirtier the pool, the greener it may get. The good news is there are many products on the market that can prevent, remove or eliminate algae. Consider hiring a pool cleaning service to ensure the safety of your swimming pool.
  • Minimize health risks: Even though the weather is cooler in winter, bacteria and algae can still grow in swimming pools, just not as quickly as they do in the summer. While some algae is normal (as long as you remove it promptly), large enough quantities can be a hazard to your health. Some health issues include ear, eye, skin and respiratory irritations or infections. Affected skin may also develop rashes. Contaminated water that leaks out into the ground around your pool is also a health concern. With regular pool cleaning, these dangerous particles get removed and the surrounding soil remains safe.
  • Makes it easier to reopen: Once summer returns, you’ll want to resume regular pool time as soon as you can. This is possible if you maintained your pool during the winter months. A pool that has not been properly cleaned and covered is likely to be swampy and unpleasant, overflowing with grime and algae when the cover is removed. Clean it in winter to ensure a fun summer.

Making sure your pool stays clean and well maintained from season to season is in your best interest. If you need help removing winter pool debris from your swimming pool in Madera, CA, call Pools by Ricketts. We’re here for you all year long!

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