Six Important Pool Tile Cleaning Tips

From modern mosaics to Spanish-style ceramics, there’s a style of pool tile for everyone. Tile can add a textured look or a splash of color to any backyard swimming pool, but pool tile does more than just look great. When installed properly, tile can also protect your swimming pool’s waterline from staining and accumulating mineral buildup.

With regular routine maintenance, your pool tile can stay looking beautiful and last for many years. Both new and seasoned tile swimming pool owners can benefit from a refresher course in tile maintenance and pool care. With this in mind, here are six important tips to help pool owners with tile cleaning in Madera, CA:

  • Learn about calcium buildup: The most common issue tile pool owners run into is calcium buildup. This type of buildup is typically caused by high pH levels or high alkalinity in the water, which can result in calcium carbonate separating from the pool water. This is the scaly buildup found on some pool tiles. Other causes of calcium deposits include heat (when hot summer weather causes water evaporation) and hard water.
  • Watch the chemical levels in your pool: As a pool owner, you should be regularly testing the chemicals in your pool. Chemical levels are important all the time, but especially so when you’re trying to keep your pool tiles clean. If there isn’t enough chlorine in your swimming pool, algae can build up around the pool’s edges. On the other hand, too much chlorine in the water can actually bleach tiles—a problem that is especially noticeable on colored pool tile.
  • Read cleaning product labels: When at the store buying pool tile cleaning products, be sure to read labels. The label should have instructions on how to effectively use the product as well as clear safety warnings. For instance, some cleaning products are so harsh that it’s unsafe to be in the water for a time after application. Some require staying out of the pool for hours or even days.
  • Use products for your type of tiles: Before buying and applying any pool cleaning products, take note of the type of tiles you have. If you are cleaning colored tiles, check with your pool contractor about the best, safest cleaning products to use. The majority of pool tile cleaners contain bleach or other ingredients that may change the color of the tiles, which is what you don’t want for patterned or solid-color tiles.
  • Apply tile cleaner once a month: Swimming pool experts recommend using a tile cleaner at least one time each season, preferably at the beginning of the pool season. First, drain the pool. Spray the tile cleaner onto the tiles and let it stand for about one minute. Finally, brush the tiles using a scrub brush until clean.
  • Try a pool brush: Get yourself a good pool brush, because you won’t need to use cleaning products every time you clean your pool tiles. Sometimes a good basic brushing is all your tile needs.

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