How Does a Saltwater Pool System Work?

When most people think of pool water, they think of chlorine. However, saltwater pool systems have become an increasingly popular alternative to these standard chlorine pools in recent years, for a variety of reasons. Here’s a quick overview of how saltwater pool systems work and why people might opt for saltwater pool construction in Madera, […]

The Importance of Pool Debris Removal in Winter

A clean pool that’s in good condition is an enjoyable pool, which is why you need to keep it clean all year long, even during the winter months when you’re not using it. Keeping your pool clean throughout the year makes it a safer place for you and your family to play come summertime. Regular […]

Six Important Pool Tile Cleaning Tips

From modern mosaics to Spanish-style ceramics, there’s a style of pool tile for everyone. Tile can add a textured look or a splash of color to any backyard swimming pool, but pool tile does more than just look great. When installed properly, tile can also protect your swimming pool’s waterline from staining and accumulating mineral […]

Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool

Installing a swimming pool elevates your backyard by creating a place to relax, get some exercise and entertain your friends and family, but you don’t just want to start building a pool without answering some questions first. After all, adding a pool is a big investment! This post will cover a few of the questions […]

Why Is Winter Pool Care So Important?

Even though you likely won’t get much use out of your pool over the next few months, you can’t just let it sit there all winter long! Every pool requires some very basic winter pool maintenance in Madera, CA. Keep reading to learn about why winter maintenance is so important, and what we can do […]