Is Winter a Good Time for Pool Upgrades in Madera, CA?

We often say winter is the best time of year for people to take on pool remodeling jobs. Even in warmer states like California, winter is still generally going to be the “off season,” especially in the northern part of the state, so this makes it the best time for you to get a head start on remodeling so you’re ready to go before spring arrives and your pool parties make their grand return.

Therefore, if you’re interested in making any upgrades to your pool, now is a good time to start booking our services. Here are just a few examples of some of the best ideas for winter pool remodeling in Madera, CA:

  • Changing depths: You can remodel your pool to create shallower and deeper areas, allowing both children and adults to enjoy the pool. Shallow areas could be used to give children their own separate area to play in.
  • Changing materials or colors: Perhaps you simply want to perform some aesthetic updates to your pool, such as changing its colors or some of the materials used. You can do this to make the pool area more appealing, or also to indicate changes in water depth (certain colors signifying certain depths). This is a particularly beneficial idea if you have young children who need extra help to be aware of the depth of the pool without having to experiment by going deeper themselves.
  • Vanishing edges/infinity pools: These kinds of pool features are becoming much more common even in residential pools, and are a great way for you to increase the aesthetic appeal of your pool. They can also help you enjoy beautiful sunsets and other sights if you have the right view in your backyard.
  • Perimeter overflow: This is an upgrade that you’ll probably need to make if you’re going to be creating an infinity pool or vanishing edge. It can also be helpful if you know the people who primarily use your pool like to roughhouse or splash around. The overflow area catches any water that spills out of the main section of the pool and cycles it back in so you don’t have to worry about wasting as much water. You might even add this as an aesthetic feature to create some neat waterfall effects.
  • Beach or wading spots: This can be a great addition to a pool if you have any small children. You can create an underwater shelf that acts as a sort of beach or wading area to help them get used to the water. This feature can easily be removed later on as your children grow and you no longer have much use for this specific type of feature.
  • Tanning ledges: If you enjoy just sitting next to the pool or in very shallow water and getting a nice tan in the California sun, you can add a tanning ledge. This upgrade is fairly simple to make and can easily be completed this winter.

For more information about pool remodeling in Madera, CA this winter, contact the team at Pools by Ricketts today.

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