March 7, 2021

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March 5, 2021

2021-04-28 | 17:29:06

"Honest, diligent, conscientious, and quality are just a few words to describe the team at Pools By Ricketts. We are so thankful that the pool company we called to build a pool for our area in the foothills was Pools by Ricketts. From the very first phone call to set up the free consultation to the completion of the project Pools by Ricketts was dedicated to the highest standards of quality and care. At every stage of the build we were so impressed by the attention to detail and continued desire to exceed our expectations in every way. Now that our build is finished and complete we can say we never felt like just a number to the company, we don't feel like we'll just be dropped by the way side if we ever needed help in the future. This company is not your run of the mill pool company where sales are most important, but rather a company focused on building relationships and doing whatever it takes to deliver the perfect pool. Each time we jump into our pool we will always remember that we made the right choice and are thankful we chose Pool by Ricketts. Not only was our pool build handled like a personal project to the entire team, but you’ll also truly have a fun experience working with them. Throughout every conversation we had and the number of changes we requested, the team was actively listening to what we said to help us make our pool and the surrounding area incredible and even better than what we had envisioned. For example our property sits on top of a steep hill which meant the level space we had was very limited. The team listened to us lament about our lack of flat space and proposed a solution, one they worked on personally, to expand the level surface using the excavated dirt to give us substantially more usable land! We wanted an 8’ deep end pool but knew there was a chance of hitting rock. Pool by Ricketts anticipated this issue and made arrangements in advance for proper equipment to make sure they could fulfill our pool depth desires. We could go on and on about different examples of the quality performed and the countless extras just to make things easy for us and help make the pool and surrounding area the best it could be. This was a very pleasant surprise as other pool builders have a tendency to “nickel and dime” people for every detail or overcharge for any changes. We have come to realize this company thinks and acts proactively to build the best possible pool as if it were being built for their own home. The entire build was completed so quickly (only 4 weeks), seamlessly, on budget, and all done at a great price! The pool and the entire surrounding area turned out beautiful and we are so thankful to Pools By Ricketts for building us the perfect pool! We have seen that the entire team at Pools by Ricketts are top notch individuals with significant history in quality pool building. Only the highest quality of components were used at every stage, even all plumbing and electrical parts. All top grade Pentair products, energy saving variable speed pool pump, easy to use and maintain filter, multiple lights, skimmers, cement poured lids, easy to use programmable control panel. Top tier and best quality all around is the Pools by Ricketts standard and all at a very competitive price! Pools by Rickets will make your pool dreams come true."
November 27, 2020

2021-01-06 | 17:04:22

"They were very easy to work with and did what they said they were going to do! Didn’t have to worry about things getting done Jason was on top of things and always looking ahead. I would recommend them if you are looking to put in a pool."
October 13, 2020

Amazing start to finish!

"We had an amazing experience with the Pools by Ricketts team. Jason was involved every step of the way and answered all our questions. The team was professional, on time and worked quickly. Jason helped us design an amazing pool and gave us input on how to finish our dream backyard. Now we can start making memories in our backyard with our family. "
October 5, 2020

"The team at Ricketts has been exceptional. They have completed our pool ahead of schedule and stayed in contact all the way through the project. Jason and Sam have been very helpful in our designs and decisions. We were able to make improvements along the way with no hassles. Everyone has been quite impressed with the way the pool has turned out. I highly recommend there expertise for you pool."