Layout and Excavation gunite constr 05

The construction process begins with layout and excavation. After carefully plotting out the pool's contour, we dig out the area necessary for the size of your pool and begin shaping the ground according to the specifications for your design. 





Forming and Plumbinggunite constr 04 

Next we begin forming the walls around your pool with steel grid construction, and layout the PVC pipe that will be the pool's circulatory system.  The pool's equipment including the pump, filter, lights, and electronics are then set into place.




Pouringgunite constr 03 

Then we apply the gunite walls around the steel grid walls. This will provide the hard surfaces necessary for the interior design of your pool.  After it is applied, the gunite must cure to provide the strongest structural form possible. 





Tile and Decking

gunite constr 02

The decking and tile for your pool go hand-in-hand. We carefully install the decking to mesh with the tile surrounding your pool. We install the tile band and any water features for your project at this time. 






Plaster and Final Touches gunite constr 01


The last phase of construction is the pool's finish.  This is where we apply the plaster or pebble finish to the cured gunite shell.  The water is immediately added to the new finish, since it is designed to be under water. Once the construction is completed, we install all of the final touches such as final landscaping, fencing, and accessories.